The 2018 world cup finals will be Coach Gernot’s maiden World Cup appearance.

Though, his appointment in July 2016 did not enjoy much approval and support from the local media, he’s gone on to win matches for Nigeria, and ultimately qualified the former African Champions for its Sixth Mundial. Indeed, Rohr has done well! But what will remain an ultimate test for a coach that will be cutting his teeth in a high profile global show piece, will be how he sets up his team and masterfully give them the leverage to interpret his game plan and tactics during matches at the 2018 World cup.

That being said, the 2018 World cup will also be maiden world cup appearance for most Super Eagles players.  And in most world cup matches, ability to win games does not boils down to the individual brilliance of players alone, but the coaches’ tactical ingenuity could be the masterstroke needed to win games.

By this assertion, Coach Gernot Rohr should therefore put on his thinking cap by inventing different tactical play that suits a particular world cup opponent, and apply same to annihilate and subdue their opponents in the forthcoming world cup. Rohr should tactically prepare for every match by watching past video clips of his opponent. He should explore their weaknesses  and make the Eagles play to their strength.  Substitutions should be made at the right and appropriate time. Every substitution could prove pivotal and crucial to winning matches.

The coach must get his tactics spot on as it could be the deciding factor in winning games. The tactical acumen of Coach Gernot Rohr  could  be crucial and sacrosanct to catapult the Eagles to world cup glory.