Substitute, Nicolas Pepe, rescued Arsenal with two rewarding free kicks, one in the 80th minute and the other at stoppage time in Europa League group game at Emirates Stadium.

Marcus Edwards had given Guimareas a shock lead with the first goal of the match. Arsenal’s Gabriel Martinelli retaliated with an equalizer, making it 1-1.

Guimareas came back with another lead when Bruno Duarte scored 36 minutes into the game. Arsenal was left on the losing side by the time first half ended.

The gunners weren’t doing any better in the second half as they appeared to struggle during the game. Emery brought in Matteo Guendouzi and Dani Ceballos at beginning of second half. But it was Pepe who was brought in at the 75th minute that made the difference.

The Ivorian international who before today seemed to underwhelm in Arsenal despite record  £72m signing, scored the two last minute goals to earn Arsenal three points and an excellent 100 percent in the Europa League this season.