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Premier League Consider Finishing The Season Between July And September

The Premier League are considering finishing the season between July and September, before truncating the 2020-21 campaign, in order to solve one of the many problems caused by the Covid-19 crisis.

Clubs on Friday undertook lengthy negotiations to discuss what next, after it was confirmed the competition has been suspended until 4 April.

Most involved merely see that date as a time-buying exercise, however, and there are widespread fears the game across Europe could be locked down until September.

The 20 clubs have naturally attempted to brainstorm potential solutions, especially given the financial threat many might face if any break in play is prolonged.

“Delayed income” through postponed fixtures is also obviously seen as preferable to no income, which would happen in the event of cancelling the season.

A July-September finish has so far proven the most-discussed option.

The only issue is that Uefa will on Tuesday attempt to bring the entire calendar into line, and try and make it so all of Europe is in step.

That could override any Premier League plans, especially if a July-September finish proves impossible in some countries.

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