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Mason Greenwood And Phil Foden Removed From England Squad For Breaching Coronavirus Rule

Mason Greenwood and Phil Foden have been dropped from the England squad that will play upcoming Nations League game against Denmark for breaching UEFA’s coronavirus protocols, Gareth Southgate has confirmed.

The pair were broke quarantine rules in Iceland, according to reports by FA investigating media.

Iceland police have also confirmed that the defaulting players have been fined 250,000 Icelandic Krona (£1,360) each for the rule breach, which must be paid by the individuals themselves and not by the FA or their clubs.

And Southgate has confirmed that both players have been sent back to England without contact with any other players since Monday morning.

“Unfortunately this morning it was brought to my attention that the two boys have broken the Covid guidelines in terms of our secure bubble.

“We had to decide very quickly that they could not have any interaction with the team, wouldn’t be able to train. Given the procedures we have to follow now, they have to travel back to England separately.”

Southgate said the breach had occurred outside of the part of the hotel the FA has booked for the England squad.

“Nothing has happened in the areas we occupy in the team hotel,” he insisted.

“We are still getting to the depths of all the information because it was only brought to my attention only a couple of hours before training, I am still getting to grips with some of the detail.

“What is clear is that there was a breach of the coronavirus guidelines. We spent such a long time getting those measures in place, the whole squad followed that together.

“We have had four tests in the period we have been together. Our staff have been incredible in keeping that secure and tight.

“In that respect we have no alternative but to do what we are doing.”

An FA spokesperson said: “Whilst in Iceland, both Phil Foden and Mason Greenwood spent time outside of our private team area, which was a breach of our COVID-19 rules.

“While they did not leave the team hotel, it was an unacceptable breach of our protocol. They have both apologised for their serious lack of judgement.

“The FA will be launching a full investigation into the circumstances leading up to this breach. We have spoken to the Football Association of Iceland to offer our apologies for this incident and to ensure them that we are taking the appropriate steps.

“We have also assured the Danish Football Union that all other players and staff members have been isolated within our group throughout this period.”

Both Greenwood and Foden made their full international debuts in Saturday’s 1-0 Nations League over Iceland.

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