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My Future At Chelsea Is Beyond My Control – Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard has admitted he wasn’t surprised his future at Chelsea would be questioned following the “transitional” Blues 2-0 defeat at Leicester City in the Premier League on Tuesday night.

Leicester currently top the table with 38 points while Chelsea sit at eighth, sandwiched between West Ham and Southampton, with 29 points.

The Blues woeful run of form comes despite the club spending more than £200m on transfers in the summer, and with a title challenge looking a realistic aim little more than a month ago.

Asked about his future, Lampard told Sky Sports: “It’s not my decision, that’s something that will always be there. You always understand some things are beyond your control. Things you can control are going again, lifting the players and working hard. That, I can’t answer.

“It intensified for me a while ago – expectations at this club, right or wrong, are always high. I know we’re in a different position if you look at our squad today and the age in our squad, and look at the composition of our squad, it’s a new squad. I keep talking about transition, but when you perform like that it’s normal that people ask questions.”

Chelsea had been within touching distance of the top of the table before back-to-back defeats to Everton and Wolves sparked an alarming run of form, something Lampard himself admitted had left him taken aback in the space of just 40 days.

“I’m worried,” he admitted. “From the form we were in to get so quickly into the form we’re in, even with the Fulham win, we should be better than that. Five losses in eight, that’s not where we want to be, it’s going to take a lot of character to return from that.

“They were sleeping moments, but there were quite a lot in the first half where our sharpness wasn’t there. Sometimes that relates to poor form, but those are moments where you have to dig in. The basics and the bare minimums are to run, sprint and cover ground – too many of our players didn’t do it.”

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