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Ronaldo’s Captain’s Armband Thrown Away In Serbia Game Sells At Auction For Above £50,000

Cristiano Ronaldo’s captain’s armband which was thrown away in a moment of frustration at Portugal vs Serbia game has been sold at auction to raise money for a six-month-old baby’s medical treatment.

FrujuSports had reported that Ronaldo risked losing his captainship in Portugal squad after he threw away his armband and stormed off pitch when his stoppage-time effort was denied by the referee.

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But according to BBC Sports, Duty firefighter Djordje Vukicevic picked up Ronaldo’s captain’s armband from the pitch after the Juventus star had stormed off at the end of the 2-2 draw in Belgrade.

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“Ronaldo was agitated [and] he threw the armband. It fell right next to me,” Vukicevic said.

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He decided to put it up for auction to raise money for treatment for Gavrilo Djurdjevic from Serbia, who is suffering from spinal muscular atrophy.

“The entire crew agreed this [armband] will go for little Gavrilo,” he said.

Vukicevic said he was ready to sell any memorabilia he could collect from players to help Gavrilo’s parents collect the £2.1m needed for the treatment.

The winning bid for the armband was 64,000 euros (about £54,000). Gavrilo’s mother Nevena said proceeds from the sale would be would be a significant contribution to their treatment fund.

“We could not believe that some people who do not even know us… would take the armband, auction it and help our child,” she said.

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