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Man City, Chelsea, Real Madrid To Be Banned From UCL Semis Following Involvement With Euro Super League

UEFA executive committee member Jesper Moller has disclosed there are plans to throw out Chelsea, Manchester City and Real Madrid from the Champions League semifinals following their involvement in the breakaway Euro Super League.

The trio are part of the 12 clubs who announced on Sunday they were setting up a highly controversial breakaway Euro Super League.

Real Madrid are due to face Chelsea and Manchester City are drawn against Paris Saint-Germain – who have not agreed to join the breakaway league.

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Arsenal and Manchester United, who have also signed up to the plans, remain in the Europa League.

In an interview with Danish broadcaster DR via Sky Sports, Moller, who is head of the Danish FA, said: “There is an extraordinary executive meeting on Friday where I expect the 12 clubs to be thrown out.

“I think that we, who love football, have had it. Someone has to draw the line and find out which way the clubs should go. We owe it to our fans and everyone who loves football.

“The clubs should be thrown out and I expect it to happen on Friday. Then we will see how the Champions League will finish.

“I don’t think they can do it to the fans and to everyone who loves football.

“During the weekend, some people negotiated with the other side, which is not fair to the president of UEFA and those who have spent time on the Champions League model in the past years. They can’t do that.

“There have to be some consequences, and, this time, I think there will be.”

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Regarding whether players will still be able to play for their national teams, if they play in the Super League, Moller said: “If you don’t want to be a part of the European sports model, I can’t see why you should be part of the national team.

“In my opinion, the contracts could be annulled when the clubs drop out of UEFA competitions. Then, the players are released and can choose to play for a club that displays solidarity and is part of the community – our pyramid system.”

Meanwhile, UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin confirmed the governing body would be seeking player bans for this summer’s European Championships.

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