About Us


Frujusports.com.ng is an online sports content platform that creatively engages football lovers with contents; covering the biggest teams, players and leagues as well as soccer betting predictions where pundits can accurately predict the outcome of fixtures using  historical and statistical data.

Our Company FRUJU SPORTS LIMITED,  formally (Unik Sports Limited) is a sporting organization with multiple sporting interest in:

  • Sports entertainment, promotion and merchandise
  • General supplies of sporting equipment
  • Organizing of sports seminars, conferences and symposium
  • Sports broadcasting and production
  • Online sports updates and reports.

The company has been on skeletal operation since March 15th, 2013 but went into full operation since May 18th , 2015.

However, since we began full operation, the company have had the privilege of supplying trophies, medals and sporting kits to schools and other organizations for sporting competitions. We already have an online portal, where our esteemed clients can contact us for services such as organizing of sports seminars, conferences and symposiums.

The company is also into sports broadcasting and production. We have a team of dedicated sportscasters whose passion for sports is unrivaled.

Our sports analysts are inextricably endowed with sporting knowledge and information and are always ready and eager to deliver.

More so, and in similar fashion, we also have an online platform where you can access sporting updates, breaking news and report of ongoing and past sporting events for your sporting delight and consumption.

Our Services Also include:

Sports and entertainment are two inseparable companion. We have an already existing base and platform where we ultimately collaborate with multinational companies to sponsor sporting events.
However, in the cause of this sponsorship, we can a swell bring in popular artists to perform and entertain sporting fans with lovely music and tunes.
Adequate securities are usually provided to ensure that there is orderliness and decorum while the entertainment (music show) lasted.

Organizing of sports seminars, conference and symposium.

Our organization FRUJU SPORTS is a responsible and committed agent in organizing sports seminars, conferences and symposium we are always at the mercies of States Governments, sporting federations, foreign missions etc.

We act as “middleman” of organizing sports seminars, conferences and symposium.
It is our responsibility to broker an arrangement that will attract the presence of top sporting personalities that will address participants at every seminars, conferences and symposium.

Indeed the aim of these seminars and symposium is to proffer solutions to every sporting problems and also to chart a way forward towards the improvement and growth of sports given a particular circumstance.

Sportscasting and Production

Fruju Sports is into freelance sportscasting both on radio and television. We deliver in-depths sporting analysis and maximum  information is assured and guaranteed.
Our team of sports pundits and match analysts are top notch are capable of holding our highly esteemed listeners and viewers spellbound throughout the duration of our programmes.

Indeed, our sporting programmes are uniquely designed to allow either the listeners or viewers to call in and make positive contributions to the show and perhaps ask questions as well. It is usually an interactive show.

Online Sports Updates and Reports

Please visit our site regularly and you will get up to date sporting information. Interviews, breaking news and reports are there for your delight. You can also get to subscribe to some of our sporting contents through our online platform and you will surely get full value for your money. We also have a portal for line sporting scores where users will get to know results of ongoing matches/sporting events.